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“Imagine the following scenario: you’re in math class, and the instructor passes a piece of paper to each student. It is announced that the paper contains Study Strategies for Students of Mathematics; you are to read it and make comments. Upon glancing at the paper, however, you observe that it is written in a foreign language that you do not understand!

Is the instructor being fair? Of course not. Indeed, the instructor is probably trying to make a point. Although the ideas in the paragraph may be simple, there is no access to the ideas without a knowledge of the language in which the ideas are expressed. This situation has a very strong analogy in mathematics. People frequently have trouble understanding mathematical ideas: not necessarily because the ideas are diffcult, but because they are being presented in a foreign language – the language of mathematics.

The language of mathematics makes it easy to express the kinds of thoughts that mathematicians like to express. It is:

  • precise (able to make very fine distinctions);
  • concise (able to say things briefly);
  • powerful (able to express complex thoughts with relative ease).

The language of mathematics can be learned, but requires the efforts needed to learn any foreign language.”

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