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“13 Beautiful Websites For Studying Mathematics”. 2021. Medium.

Every individual wants to receive the best education to achieve their dreams. Today more and more students are taking on more and more challenging math courses. However, the subject can be a challenge sometimes. Today so many websites provide students and teachers amazing resources to help them literally understand the subject they struggle with and solve the problems in front of them.

“3Blue1brown”. 2021.

3Blue1Brown is primarily a YouTube channel, but here you can find written and interactive adaptations of the lessons.

“BetterExplained – Math Lessons That Click”. 2021.

Learn to understand math, not memorize it. Enjoy clear, intuitive lessons about imaginary numbers, exponents, and more.

“Epitrochoids And Hypotrochoids”. 2022. Desmos.

Does anyone remember spirographs? Each shape is a different polar graph known as a hypotrochoid or epitrochoid.

“Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice”. 2021. Khan Academy.

“Mathigon – Textbook Of The Future”. 2021. Mathigon.

Mathigon – The Textbook of the Future

Mad Hatter, The. 2021. “Martin Gardner Home Site”.

Who was Martin Gardner?

First and last, he was a skeptic, who was most well known as a Scientific American, writer and annotator. This mere mortal was a mathematician, magician & mysterian, who turned out to be a big inspiration to several generations of people all over the world.

To some, Martin was the best friend mathematics ever had, and to others he was one of the most influential magicians of the last century. He’s universally acknowledged as the founding father of the modern skeptical movement, and his written legacy includes over 100 books, from his best selling Annotated Alice to dozens of classics on recreational mathematics and puzzles.

“Math Is Fun”. 2021.

Math can be fun with the right tools and techniques. Math is Fun is a free web tool that explains math concepts in easy-to-understand language using puzzles, games, worksheets, and an illustrated dictionary suited for K-12 kids, teachers, and parents.

“The Map Of Mathematics”. 2022. Quanta Magazine.

Here is a map of mathematics as it stands today, mathematics as it is practiced by mathematicians.

From simple starting points — Numbers, Shapes, Change — the map branches out into interwoven tendrils of thought. Follow it, and you’ll understand how prime numbers connect to geometry, how symmetries give a handle on questions of infinity.

And although the map is necessarily incomplete — mathematics is too grand to fit into any single map — we hope to give you a flavor for the major questions and controversies that animate the field, as well as the conceptual tools needed to dive in.

There’s no right or wrong way to explore. You can go in a straight line from topic to topic, or jump around, searching for something that catches your eye.

If mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas, as Albert Einstein once wrote, then through this we hope to provide an appreciation for all the beauty that it describes.

“Wolfram Mathworld: The Web’s Most Extensive Mathematics Resource”. 2021.

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