What Is Mathematics? – Part 2

Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics is a language that allows us to model our world from atoms to galaxies, airplanes in flight and spacecraft in space, biological and geological activity, weather forecasting, social science and natural science. Mathematics allows engineers to design buildings, automobiles, computers, machines used in production and assembly, farm equipment, roads, tunnels and... Continue Reading →

“We want you to tell us — the Answer.”

FOOK: Oh Deep Thought, your task is this. We want you to tell us -- the Answer.Long pause. Deep Thought bleeps and bloops.DEEP THOUGHT: The Answer…to what?LUNKWILL: You know. The answer. To Life…the Universe…Everything.FOOK: We'd really like an answer. Something simple. Can you do it? The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy The above conversation reminds... Continue Reading →

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